How To Use Model Mayhem For Aspiring Female or Male Models Who Want To Boost Their Career

Anyone who has ever done any paid modeling knows that there was a point where you needed to do something to start making progress to not sit still in modeling.

Alot of people sit still basically because they are unsure of exactly what to do. This article will show you how to use the website Model Mayhem for aspiring female or male models who want to boost their career starting today.

What is Model Mayhem? If you don’t already know, it is a large, kind of like facebook for female or male models, photographers, make-up artists and more to be able to communicate together. You can use it to put yourself out there and show your work to lots of people everyday for free. But exactly how do you use it? When starting off, I will tell you I worked for companies a bunch of times over and over again at a $1500 a day rate like Under Armour, Dicks,Amazon,Hanesbrands, and a bunch more like over 5 different big underwear companies. I will tell you that at least one of them I got from Model Mayhem and it turned into repeat work that alone made it worth being a free member on there.  But how can you use it to your advantage?

The first thing you must do is to search local photographers in your area. Message them and ask if they would like to trade services (TF) so that you or them don’t pay each other and the goal is to get an end product you can both use to expand your portfolio.

Find a bunch of them and narrow it down to some shoots. One you have photos, you should upload them to your portfolio. Show all your different looks, and try to get a different look for each shoot you get set up.

Once you have your Model Mayhem portfolio built with some pics. You then collect them into a file and start submitting them to every legit agency there is in the country. You won’t be accepted by all so be prepared to be rejected. It has alot to do with timing and alot of other things besides you personally so who cares, your job is to submit to everyone worth signing on with.

Once you are with an agency or two, your decision comes. You must decide if you want to take it serious and move to the city were their castings happen in person. You won’t do well living far away from the agency if you can’t be at the castings in person. Doesn’t mean you won’t get a single job, but not much more than that unless the clients can see you on a regular basis up close and personal. Wouldn’t you want that if you were hiring a model as well?

But don’t worry about going that far yet, just worry about making a Model Mayhem profile. Here is my Model Mayhem profile if you would like an example.

Give it a try today, the goal is to make small foot steps daily, and the rest will take care of itself later. This article helps you start  female or male models foot steps off in the right direction.

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