How To Break Down a 24 Hour Fitness Lifestyle With Training Splits

If you’re someone motivated as heck about getting what you want, fitness is no different. To get it, you have to have that 24 hour fitness lifestyle  of not only working out the right way consistently, but also to get it done right the other 23 hours of the day too.

I’m going to help you break down that hectic 24 hour fitness lifestyle into storage compartments of organization to do to things. One, is to split up your week to make it more manageable, and two is to make it more effective on you to get results faster than before.

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Here’s a few example training splits a fitness model does preparing for a shoot to get in the best shape. Use these yourself to make sure you are using a strategy that is already proven very effective to maximize.

  • Cut/Leaner/Burn More Calories/5 Training Days Per Week
  • A 5 day split is allowing you to train each body part more on it’s own and allowing you more calories to be burned with 5 workouts.  Example would be Monday is Back/Biceps/Abs, Tuesday is Chest/Triceps,Wednesday is Legs/Butt/Calves,Thursday is Shoulders/Traps/Lower Abs,Friday is Arms,Obliques,Calves. Saturday and Sunday are OFF days to repair and rebuild.
  • Build Muscle/Gain Strength/Grow/3 Training Days Per Week.
  • Example would be Monday is Chest/Back/Abs, Wednesday is Legs/Calves/Obliques and Friday is Shoulders/Traps/Arms, Calves Or Abs. This training split allows you to manage a 24 hour fitness lifestyle as well as you have now 4 rest days instead of 2 allowing for more growth and muscle building if challenging yourself properly on the work days.
  • Also, you can combine the both with doing the second 3 day split with Tuesday and Thursday being 1 hour fast walking walking cardio days instead of resting. Allowing you two days of burning fat with cardio plus resting muscles, and 2 days of off days to rest muscles.

There are many effective training splits for different goals. But you now know 3 of them to rotate and use to avoid a routine getting boring or stale, and allowing you to swap one in for a month to freshen things for new results. A bonus is that you are much more organized and know what you are working at and can see a more clear picture in how you’re doing as you go.

Your goal window is more realistic to measure your motivation, workout intensity and how you respond. That’s what it is all about, being smart about it. Even though a 24 hour fitness lifestyle can be draining, the rewards are endless to be able to do something very few of the population can. These articles on Bare Fit will help you be on of them people faster by being smart and by using proven methods used professionally by others.  Have a great day guys,

Chuck  Strogish

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