How To Use a Free Calorie Counter Website Online

Hey guys. Even though I think it’s better to “eye” up for your foods and avoid the chance of you saying this is just too much to do, I provided you some resources to use a free calorie counter. I will show you how to use them to your advantage quickly in this Bare Fit blog post.

There are many free and “free” calorie counters out there. Some make you register and some don’t. I’m going to stick to a free calorie counter that you don’t have to register to make it faster and easier.

An example is

You can type in foods to compare. For example, I looked side by side at 70% ground beef and 95% ground beef. You want the highest number you can get anytime you eat meatloaf or hamburgers, or anything you can’t avoid at family events or picnics.

By using this free calorie counter, It is easy to see the by making the substitution from regular 70% beef to extra lean 95%, you are basically cutting more than half the fat out, and saving 50 calories give or take per serving.  Heck, that sounds good right there, but imagine if you did this 52 times over the course of the year, if you eat ground beef once a week?

You’d of lost in math around a lb right there, but that is just the start of it. Imagine the amount of motivation each time you eat you’ll have to work out, from feeling proud of making that substitution? Which then, equals a higher metabolism, making your burn more calories sitting around or in your sleep?

Maybe 5-10 lbs just right there over a year? Imagine all the other substitutions you can swap in your life on a daily basis?

If you use the free calorie counter, I would use it for the reason to see what type of subs you can make in your own life. Compare a food you eat to it’s better option. Then implement that knowing each time is going to add up. And not only add up, but multiply from multiple avenues effecting the first decision of substituting.

Give it a try. The whole goal is to make good progress, but not risking giving up from too much at once. This will make you know that one simple step is huge, and definitely manageable without getting stressed out from an overload. what good is a calorie calculator tool if you just feel like stopping using it right away.

Chuck Ryan Strogish

Fitness Model

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