5 Things a Fitness Magazine Will Sometimes Forget To Tell You

Open a fitness magazine from the store and you always see endless tips and strategies for fat loss, muscle building, and looking your best.

There is so much to take in!

Here are some of my opinions to help you get the best out of them and throw away the junk and marketing from a fitness model perspective.

  • When to Include lots of fruits in your diet-Fruits are great for you, only if used at the right times. Pre and post workout is when you should aim to get in your fruits. The next best time would be during breakfast. Eating them anytime can be an easy way to tell your body to store fat from the high amounts of sugar.
  • The bodybuilders and models in the fitness magazine don’t always look like that-They are masters at knowing how to look their best for a certain day. Don’t be fooled into thinking that you have a hard time looking your best all the time. 98% of people will not look like their ads all the the time. The more extreme and freaky someone looks in an ad, the more they prepared to be that way for that shoot. If you see them a couple weeks after the shoot, they won’t look exactly as shredded and “veiny” walking around on a normal day.
  • The supplements aren’t always that much different. Don’t fall for slogans and new man made ingredients in supplements to make you feel like it’s the new magic pill. Yeah for sure, supplements do work if used right and in the right amounts, but don’t spend alot more money on a name. Compare similar products ingredients, and most of the time, you will see they are very similar.
  • The testimonials in a fitness magazine are always the best examples from that product-If you see a product and the results are amazing very fast, you must know that they provided a perfect environment and done the way it should exactly. Mixing all avenues of rest, training, diet, and supplement stacking with the perfect dosages and times to get that. Doesn’t mean you can’t achieve it, just know that it’s not the supplement in the fitness magazine alone working that great. They will help you if done right, but not going to surprise you a whole lot. Spend wisely on supplements.
  • Alot of the ads in a fitness magazine are shot in NY,LA,or FL. If you want to get into that arena, your chances of doing so aren’t great unless you move there and attend in person castings. Make sure to learn how to look your best for a given day to improve your chances of winning a job. You can look amazing, but if no one sees or knows of you, it’s of no use. Take the risk, and move to one of those places to be in front of where it happens the most.

Chuck Ryan Strogish

Fitness Model

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