How To Eat Like a Fitness Model Starting Now-Step By Step

What is the difference between working out hard 5 days a week in the gym when A is still not where he/she wants to be, but B has everyone asking what the hell have you been doing, you look awesome!

The answer is dieting,or knowing how to eat like a fitness model. I don’t mean diet as in crashing diets or starving yourself, I mean knowing what foods make you keep muscle and burn fat the best. Then eating them in an organized fashion.

You don’t need to go to the extremes, unless you are competing, but to make some pretty damn dramatic results fast, this will work for you. A fitness model usually works out the same as everyone else, but knowing how to diet for a few weeks can make you ready for the camera to inspire others to do the same. Here is a quick example on how to eat like a fitness model for you to follow. There are endless examples, but here is one for you to try out.

The goal of this example is to eat cleaner, but must still enjoy the taste of the foods. What’s the point of eating clean if you won’t touch the food after the first meal? So here is a more tasty meal to make, maybe you won’t like it, but I think most will find it delicious.

Groceries you will need for a fitness model diet example;

  • 2 lbs of extra lean ground beef(96% or more lean)(Lean as you can find)
  • 6 Packets of Uncle Bens Brown Instant Rice
  • Fresh asparagus spears
  • Minced garlic
  • omega 3 butter
  • pepper,or any seasonings you like
  • Low sodium soy sauce

1. Massage some pepper, minced garlic, omega 3 butter, and low sodium soy sauce into the ground beef before cooking until done on the stove top.

2.Cook each bag of brown rice for 90 seconds in the microwave while beef is cooking. Put each bag into a plastic tupper ware bowl when done.

3.Cook the asparagus with some omega 3 butter and pepper in separate stove top pan with lid on to steam while cooking beef.

4.Once beef is done, separate until 6 or more tupperware containers to be evenly spread on top of the brown rice.

5.Finish with the steamed asparagus topped onto the rice and lean ground beef.

Now you have at least 6 eat clean meals to get leaner to start knowing how to eat clean. When you go somewhere or are hungry, you have a meal ready to microwave that is tasty, and is also much cleaner than most foods. Yeah, tilapia or grilled chicken is cleaner than lean ground beef, but you are still eating clean with one of these meals to eat as opposed to just saying screw it and eating anything laying around.

Of course, the omega 3 butter and low sodium soy sauce is put on in moderation, and this won’t work with regular ground beef, it has to be extra lean as possible. With these eat clean meals, and a consistent exercise routine during the week, you’re off to one hell of a start that will spark fast fat burning and showing more defined muscle tone.

Now that you have an example of a fitness model diet, hit up the store, get your groceries and give it a try today for the next few days and you will just feel like success after eating each clean meal. Which will also make your workout feel more worth it knowing with the eat clean meal, your workout is that much more effective for you. Talk soon,

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