Arm Workout Tips 1 by Fitness Model Chuck Ryan Strogish.

When it comes to arm training, in my opinion from experience, you have a few options depending on your goals you have for yourself.

Do you want toned, lean, and sexy arms? If so, you’re in good shape so far. Or do you want the biggest arms on the block that intimidate and demand attention?  If you do, you might be climbing an up hill battle.

Yes, you can make them much bigger, but everyone’s genetics plays a role when it comes to arms. But that’s also good news, you want to maximize whatcha got, right? So let’s do it.

When training arms, to get them more toned, shaped, and sexy looking, you want to focus on three words,form,challenging,rest.  When training arms to get them bigger, you want to focus on the biggest part of your arm, triceps.

This is like two articles in one here for two different goals to make sure you are on the right path to success getting the body you want body part by body part.

Here are some quick arm workout tips for you to use and keep in mind workout to workout to get them lean and sexy arms that get’s a second look.

  • Use all grips and hit all angles-Make sure you mix it up be using a palms up grip, palms in, and palms over grips. Each one will focus on different muscle fibers giving your arms a complete look with some good form, challenge, and rest.
  • An example would be for regular bicep curls with dumbbells to give you a quick visual. If you hold them normally, see where your palm is. Your palms naturally don’t both go completely face up per say. You have to focus on that, to keep them that way. They normally slant in a bit from your wrists natural stance. Then, hammer curls are simply if you turn your palms in like the name says, holding them like a hammer. All these grips are for a different cause. Use them all in your arm workouts.
  • For triceps, since it is the biggest part of your arm, to grow your arms, you need to make sure you are challenging them each week and working up in weight and reps with rest in between. You grow your triceps or biceps, your triceps will make your arm look much bigger than focusing on just biceps.
  • Your best bet is to train arms either one after chest or back, or train them on their own separate day as well as long as rest is given a few days in between.
  • Use close grips,shoulder width, and ultra wide grips as well. It’s easy to do, just do a different width grip for each set you do, it will assure you hit all the angles, which creates unique and sexy looking arms if done consistently.

If you use these arm workout tips starting now, you will be quickly on your way to developing arms that demand attention and looks “complete”.

Chuck Ryan Strogish

Fitness Model

Bare Fit Sweat Proof T Shirts


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