How To Figure Out How Much To Eat Daily To Get Leaner and Sexier

The fact of the matter is that with getting leaner, therefore sexier, you must learn some simple and proven methods of making the most of each day.

Making a few changes daily for 14 days straight is much better than having a world class fitness pro diet for 3 days straight. The major difference is the point at which you can successfully and consistency follow your plan, or not.

If you can only follow a major change plan for 7 days without feeling like wanting to quit, why not follow a mildly changed plan for 14 days with the feeling of mental and visual success knocking at the door.

This breeds motivation, the ultimate king in fitness. Motivation sparks the willingness to research and implement, which of what you are doing right now to prepare to be a little bit smarter when you approach changing your body.

Ok, here is how to figure out how much to eat daily to get leaner and sexier.

  • Protein Intake-Protein is what men and women both need to allow muscles to improve and survive working out. Without it, almost nothing will happen. How much do you need daily?
  • A good way for me to know it is working is a range. Get at least half your body weight in grams to get good results. For max results, eat the same number in grams as you weigh. for me, 90 grams-180 grams of protein per day. Doable, but definitely needs to be looked into on a daily basis to make sure. You gotta want it.
  • Carb Intake-Carbs are good and evil. They can be used to supercharge fat loss and muscle growth. But can also kill any diet with their seducing ways called cravings. Aim to have 6 lower carb days and 1 high carb day per week. This will make your metabolism stay on it’s toes. Low carb days will be 25% -75% in grams of what you weigh. Not alot…I know. You can eat that at dinner easily alone with some bread and spaghetti. But if you do it right, you can have that big bowl of spaghetti on your high carb day. Try to stick to the best carbs every chance you get(oatmeal,potato,sweet potato,brown/basmati rice) most of the time. The only time you can eat simple carbs are for breakfast or after weight training. Because your body has all day to burn them for energy, one, and two, weight training makes your body use these sugars wisely for a little while which will be effective for gains in the gym if done right.
  • Fat intake-Keep fat intake around 25% of what you weigh. In good fats mostly like egg yolks, avocado,nuts as a snack, etc. Don’t be afraid of fats too much, just keep it to around that number when dieting. Especially for men, as fat is important to us for testosterone levels to stay up for max results in weight training. Don’t avoid egg yolks, just minimize and moderation.

Follow these tips on how to figure out how much to eat daily to get leaner and sexier, and the results will start to come soon. Just do a test run for a week and see how you do. If you fail, take a high carb day, eat what you want, regroup and try again. The goal is to get 14 days. 12 smart days and 2 high carb cheat days. Til next Time

Chuck Ryan Strogish

Fitness Model

Bare Fit Sweat Proof T Shirts


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