Chest Workout Tips 1 by Fitness Model Chuck Ryan Strogish

Hey hey. Here are a few quick chest workout tips for you to follow and keep in your arsenal bag of gym tricks. Not that they are tricks, but what else can you call something that works so well over and over, but yet, too many people just aren’t doing them when you walk around the gym.

If you weren’t doing them, then these chest workout tips,I’m sure, will help you just like the other blog posts on Bare Fit does to get to that goal of yours that much faster and more effectively.

The truth is, most people don’t want super massive pecs, or have Mr.Olympia type mass in their chest that looks almost super human. Most people want a chest that gets peoples attention and has them thinking,“Damn, what a sexy body.” Or maybe it just to improve on what you have to look better, these chest work tips from Bare Fit will do just that.

Chest Workout Tips

  • Always do a “feel me” set.- The first set is called a feel me because you want to take a light weight and vision your chest doing all the work. Do some reps until you are in the right form and feel your chest muscles doing the rep, not your shoulders, arms, back, or anything else. Once you got it felt up, you can keep that form and go right into more challenging weight. Do you do a feel me set now? If not, you should add it in to each new chest exercise for max results.
  • No need to bench press alot-Sure, if your goal is strength or to say you have a big bench, go for it. But realistically, I am more of a fan of using hammer strength machines and dumbbells. Why? the bench press is extremely effective if done right, but most people don’t do it right. It’s much easier to get results from a challenging set on a hammer strength machine or using dumbbells in my opinion than risking using your shoulders too much on the bench. You will get great results without benching, it’s a fact.
  • Stretch, Stretch-Stretching your pecs in between sets(not before working out) is effective at making sure nutrients get flooded into your muscle cells to allow more gains. Also, you will be more flexible as well to do a full range of motion on exercises like chest fly’s. It adds up every stretch you do between sets. Doesn’t have to be long, just a stretch or two with arms behind you, pull your arms back with your bands and feel your chest stretch out a little. Til next time

Chuck Ryan Strogish

Fitness Model

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