Back Workout Tips 1-3 Common Mistakes Made In The Gym

Everyone knows how to workout right, right? An easy way to tell is by looking how appealing their back is. Does it look outright amazing? If not, get yours to looking amazing much faster by avoiding these 3 common back mistakes in the gym.

1. You’re using your arms too much without knowing it.

Here’s a quick tip. To begin your sets, always use a “feel” set. Pick a weight, and perform 15 reps. If you can complete more than 15 with good form, increase the weight on the next set. If you can’t get 15, add weight. You can judge a good weight by how close to 15 you get. For example, if you happen to get 16 reps, you know you can make it heavier on the next set, but start little as you are already close to 15 with good form.

2. You use two hands too much

Try doing alot of your exercises for back with one arm at a time. This will give you a better feel to using just your back, and will even out any favoritism that you might be getting without knowing it from a dominant arm. You can focus on your back doing the work with one arm at a time instead of both pulling.

3. Lower back and inner back is being left out

People tend to focus a majority of their back training on wider grips. Although a wider grip is very important, it is more important to include close grip exercises and lower back sets into your routine to get a complete picture of a nice back.

If you can avoid these 3 simple common mistakes when back training, you’re already on a huge advantage on getting that sexy back faster than most gym go’ers.

Chuck Ryan Strogish

Fitness Model

Bare Fit


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