Shoulder Workout Tips 1 by Fitness Model Chuck Ryan Strogish

We break down every body part by itself to show how you can more effectively create the all-desired balanced and complete look.

The only way you can do it right is by training and approaching it right. In this article, it’s about the Shoulder Workout Tips.

When it comes to training shoulders, you can train them by themselves, or some like to train them with chest and/or traps. It is actually good to do both if you only do one of them usually. If you usually do only shoulder workouts alone, take a few weeks and train them with chest to create a guessing game with your muscles, to allow them to improve.

Here are some of my favorite shoulder exercises that I find to give me the best results consistently;

  • Standing shoulder presses with barbell or dumbbell.-Use a weight that is challenging to you in the range of 8-18 reps. This allows you to cover the majority of your shoulders right off the bat.
  • Lateral dumbbell raises- These hit your all important side delts that give a pleasing look to your upper arms in conjunction with your triceps and biceps(male or female). The key is to find enough weight to be challenging to you, but not sacrificing form. Form is huge on this one.
  • Rear delts-This is often a looked over body part. But can’t be overlooked as it makes your back look really nice when included in your workouts. You can even use a chest fly machine and sit the opposite way so that your chest is up against the backrest and you make a swimming motion. Grad the handles with hand on top and feel your rear delts doing the work, so less weight is usually required than a chest fly to get the job done.

Add these into your shoulder workout routine for great results, and a complete look to your shoulders. It will prove your whole upper body in terms of completing the whole “look”. Try it out

Chuck Ryan Strogish

Bare Fit Fitness Model

Shoulder Workout Tips 1


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