How to Choose The Right Weight For a Certain Rep Range-Avoid The Big Mistake

Wanted to write a quick blog post real quick for Bare Fit before the idea slips my mind and I forget to tell you guys.

It’s pretty important in the big picture of daily working your butt off to get in the best shape you’ve been in thus far.

So here is a nice tid bit of info to use for the rest of your life, for every workout you do from now on.

How to Choose The Right Weight For a Certain Rep Range

  • The big mistake made is usually people will decide on a rep range to stay in for that workout and kinda go at it blindly. Without knowing it maybe.
  • Try picking a weight first blindly, and then you perform whatever reps it takes until you can’t get anymore.
  • Example is usually someone will say I usually do 10 reps, so they pick up a weight they are used to and do the 10 reps regardless if they can get 20 or 15, or 10.  See what I mean?
  • If you pick up a challenging weight, and you do as many as you can, you can get a better view on your current levels. Pick up a given weight, and say you randomly get 13 reps. Nice. Now you can slightly increase or decrease it the next set to get into your target rep ranges with the right weight.
  • Here’s another example. Say I usually screw around in the 6-15 rep range for a while. I realize that there are other muscle fibers up in the 20 range I haven’t been hitting and losing out on the maximum benefits of the way you look.
  • I then grab a challenging weight and do as many as I can honestly until I am done. Say i get 17 reps. I then can lower it a bit and go it at it again. Each set should give you info about the next one to successfully leave you drained on the last set.
  • Do this and hell, you probably will increase your result time by 10% if you do it right consistently. Just throwing a random number out there but it is pretty dang important in the big picture of your goals. Til next time.

Chuck Ryan Strogish

Fitness Model-Bare Fit

How to Choose The Right Weight For a Certain Rep Range



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