Leg Workout Tip 1 By Bare Fit Model Chuck Ryan Strogish

For those who followed my Model Blog and over 200 free fitness tips and articles can now enjoy a new version here. I would get asked, “Hey Chuck, what’s up man, when are you going to start blogging again?”. I took some time off for a bit and here I am, back on, and signed with Bare Fit Sweat Proof T Shirts and Online Fitness Training Videos.

I got asked to try a sweat proof t shirt and see what I think. So happens, it works very well and was asked if I endorse it. I couldn’t say it any other way besides the fact that the shirt looks simple, but obviously made of high quality and goes with anything. But the fact that sweat literally just runs off the thing really surprised me. We will put up videos soon of how great it works. It is designed for sweat, but to take it to extremes, it actually deflects red wine and cranberry juice too, crazy!

So on to the fun stuff, leg workout tip # 1. This time unlike the model blog, I will be more organized in posts and try to keep them still uncensored and in real talk, but a little more easily able to navigate for you.

Afterall, each tip read and used equals more power to you to walk into your workouts, and away from the gym, and be confident knowing what you’re doing works, for sure. That’s what the goal is.

The next time you do a leg workout, remember that you can still achieve great leg results without squats or deadlifts. Do I recommend it? No. But you can. It depends on your motivation level and goals. You can get great looking legs without squatting and just simply using lunges and leg presses in a challenging way with good form.

My leg workout tip to you today is to always finish up your leg workout with one exercise of 50 reps to finish it off. Pick an exercise, and a challenging weight. Do as many reps as you can. The only break you take is to reduce the weight as you fatigue enough that you can’t perform another rep. Maybe it’s 16 reps, maybe it’s 26. Either way, you know the remaining amount of reps. Make it as hard as you can, the goal is to hit any muscle fibers you may have missed that day. Always change up the last 50 rep exercise. Maybe focus on a weakness or a part you want to “bring up to par” with the rest.

It’s a good way to assure you did an effective leg workout.

P.S.-Don’t forget to drink a gallon of water each day, and eat lots of lean chicken and veggies. ;-).


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